Hajj Terminal

The total size of the terminal is 510 square km and it consists of the eastern halls of Hajj (90 square km), Hajj Terminal Complex- East Tents (90 square km), The open Area ‘The Plaza’ (160 square km), 26 Aprons, including 10 jetways, two locations occupied by operations center and Air Traffic Control Tower, 18 gates and 14 terminals.

Other Facilities

210 passports control counters

114 check-in counters

1.18-km-long conveyor belts

Two VIP lounges

A hotel with 123 rooms.

Canteens and restaurants

Shopping area (9418 square meter)

20 Wait Zones (including 40 Prayer rooms and 32 Restroom areas)

The estimated capacity per hour is 3800 arriving pilgrims and 3500 departing pilgrims. The wait zone can handle up to 7000 passengers, while the new terminals can handle more than 91 thousand arriving passengers and 84 thousand departing passengers. Moreover, it can operate up to 312 flights at an average of 13 flights per hour.