King Abdulaziz International Airport confirms the regularity of air navigation operations: it was unaffected by the rainfall

​King Abdulaziz International Airport confirmed the regularity of air navigation operations and unaffected by the rainfall in the governorate.

The airport communicated through its Twitter account: "Dear travelers, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that air traffic at #King Abdulaziz International​ Airport is unaffected by the rainfall so far."

The rainfall today on the governorate of Jeddah was from moderate to heavy; may Allah bless this rain with abundant goods and prosperity, all around the kingdom.

The "National Center for Meteorology" had issued several alerts to the province of Makkah during the past hours, including an advanced alert and a new warning for a state of moderate to heavy rain, active winds with dust, hail, and low visibility from 10 this morning until 10 in the evening.