The Corona Vaccine Center Lauvches in Jeddah

​​Thursday, 24/12/2021,  the Corona Vaccine Center was inaugurated in Jeddah Governorate, the Coronavirus vaccination campaign began, at the new Corona Virus Vaccine Center at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, where the first Corona vaccine was given.
The Ministry of Health advised citizens and residents to take the initiative to register to take the vaccine, to preserve their health and safety; from infection with the virus; again reminding everyone of the free vaccination, in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership.
The Ministry has confirmed the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Due to its effective passage of the vaccine testing stages, the occurrence of a strong immune response, and continuous antibodies.
Jeddah Health clarified that the southern terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport was identified as the first headquarters for the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus.  To provide all the basic services, it is designed to receive large numbers in an organized manner; by preparing (84) rooms to receive vaccinations run by an elite group of medical cadres and specialized medical teams.
Jeddah Health added that there will be several other sites within Jeddah; these sites are currently being transformed to be vaccine centers, as Jeddah's center is the second center in the Kingdom after Riyadh to receive the vaccine.
The President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) Mr. Abdul Hadi Al-Mansouri thanked the decisive rational decision taken by the leadership, providing health care, and applying safety measures immediately, by taking the humanitarian approach, humans first.
All of the government agencies and ministries cooperated with the ministry of health; to stop the spread of the coronavirus. GACA had provided the southern terminal for the Ministry of Health to use and prepare for vaccination intake, as part of a partnership against the coronavirus. The southern terminal was chosen specifically for its large space and logistical process; the terminal will accept all citizens and residents wishing to get the vaccine.